Sonic the Hedgehog Randomizer v

This is a randomizer for Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Master System by ssjtroly.

ROM Checksums:


Shuffle Level Order
Can cause minor graphical issues, such as Robotnik's/Bosses' projectiles and missing animal/capsule sprites.

Shuffle Level Acts
Shuffles acts within a level except act 3, pretty useless as it is now.

Shuffle Bonus Stages
Remove Autoscrollers
Randomize Enemies
Enemy sprites will be corrupted if an enemy's sprites do not exist in level sprite set.

Randomize Monitors
Shuffle Sound Effects
Shuffle Music
Randomize Palettes
This will disable palette cycle speed to prevent flashing colors, this will also ruin some background animations.

You can find the source for this randomizer more easily on Github.

Thanks to for the data they display from the external links.

Extra thanks to for making sense of the data.